2019 saw good growth in readership and subscribers for us. This is good news and I am always surprised anyone would want to read what I write. I purely do this because its fun and I enjoy it. It’s a world away from what I do for a day job and what I thought I was interested in. Certainly, my English teachers at school didn’t much enjoy writing what I wrote I suspect.

Regardless, when I do write people seem to actually read it which is cool. However, I didn’t write as much or as regularly as I wanted to. The number of posts last year is down a pretty sizeable amount on 2018 which is almost all to do with having a young family. That is a disappointment for me which I plan to resolve this year. Towards, the end of the year having set drop days was starting to work well for me getting content out that was well written (I think) and well read.

Writing more in 2020 though requires me to come up with more content ideas and that is where I could use some help. Writing more review articles on bottles is probably not going to be that interesting. So many people are now knocking out vast volumes of marks on bottles from press samples which is all a bit 5 years ago. I certainly enjoy writing those articles but other things are possible. One sector I will be doing more of though is whisky book content which gets a lot of interactions and indeed more than I thought it would get. The next book I will be reviewing is the one I am reading just now which is the story of how the SMWS came to be and is written by Pip Hills himself. If for no other reason than his Lagonda car is just amazing and something I would love to own myself.

Image result for pip hills lagonda

So that was my year. Good engagement but not enough content. How was your year please let me know in the comments or on Twitter and don’t forget those content ideas either!

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