There are a lot of articles here now and there are quite a few distilleries represented. Some more than once but many have not been covered at all. Linkwood is a distillery which I thought I had tried before but after a search here it appears that it wasn’t the case.

The Distillery

The Linkwood distillery is in the village of Elgin in Scotland. There are quite a few distilleries to be found in this part of the Speyside region and Linkwood has been around for a while.

Distilling started at the site in 1824 before being rebuilt in 1874. Production has been consistent with little downtime since joining DCL in 1932. Currently still owned by what is now called Diageo. The buildings from 1874 were used until the 1980’s before being closed down to allow a second distillery to take over production. This second distillery was built in 1972 and was used in tandem to the original before the first was closed. Those original buildings were removed in 2012 as part of a modernisation programme although I do wonder how this could have been allowed perhaps they weren’t listed or left to rot?

The Dram


Batch 7 is a rather large one at 1632 bottles all over which are priced at £37 pounds. This is a good value option and indeed many people thought so as like so many its sold out. This is another spirit led refill barrel release from Boutique-y but this time at a price worth considering.

Tasting Notes


Colour – touch above transparent

Nose – green apples and a handful of herbs

Palate – silky texture with lashings of pepper and a burnt charred woody note. Badly burnt toast with butter used to hide the mistake

Finish – That charring continues on the long finish. Just at the very end you can get a metallic or stone mineral note.

Final Thoughts

This kept by interest purely on trying to get out that charred note. The real interest for me was in those extra woody burnt note with just a hint of burnt dough winding around it. These are the kinds of refill barrels I like which are interesting and novel to investigate and enjoy.

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