English whiskies are a growing market and one which I haven’t enjoyed yet. There is a number of difficult distilleries in their early stages of production but I have often left perhaps commercial pressures are leading to whisky being released before it is ready.

Cotswold have an official release out which I haven’t tried but this 3 Year Old from Boutique-y looks interesting.

The Distillery

Image result for cotswold distillery

This beautiful distillery was opened in 2014 with help from Dr Jim Swan and Harry Cockburn who are both experts. The distillery has a visitor centre and in looking through the website for this article I really hope to get a chance to visit the next time I am down south. The distillery features a 0.5 tonne mash tun and eight 2,500-litre washbacks. The distillation takes place in two copper pot stills supplied by Forsyths of Rothes, Scotland.

The Dram

Priced the same as the Macduff 10 year old from yesterday this is the first release from Cotswolds at Boutique-y. There are a hefty 1785 bottles in the batch with some still available to buy now. The label is a wonderful little piece of art with that period property centre stage and a Land Rover Discovery on the drive. The question is though is it worth it?

Tasting Notes


Colour – apple juice

Nose – Irn-bru and cola bottle sweets. Apples and toffee with a lot of dough and yeasty wash from the new make. This is a young but not fire breathly vulgar and unaged.

Palate – The texture is a disappointment very mellow and quite hollow actually. There is barley and grain notes with a touch of sweet boiled sweets.

Finish – The finish though is fantastic and quite explosive. A sweet and sour experience with grapefruit sprinkled with sugar for breakfast. Citric rinds and lemon juice complete things.

Final Thoughts

This is a great whisky and one which I think has been really well made. This is young but not lacking for it which I think demonstrates the quality of craftmanship going on at the distillery. I am tempted to get a bottle of the official release to compare the flavours now. Where is my credit card?

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