The last time we had Rye in the calendar I mentioned it was my first try of the stuff. Well we are back for the second installment and this time its a PX finish. PX is a strong and sickly sweet sherry used for pouring over ice-cream in Spain. Its quite a bold flavour and risks drowning such a young spirit at only 3 years old.

The Rye

One of over 1000 bottles with Rye is part of a trio of releases from Boutique-y. The sample I have is for the one finished in Pedro Ximénez casks. The other two releases were for Oloroso which I would like probably and Ale which I probably would not. Each are released at 50% ABV and available still on Master of Malt for 46.95 which is pretty awesome value. With Trump started an ill advised trade war with Bourbon and Single Malts in the firing line this is a great alternative to try.

Tasting Notes


Colour  – red wood

Nose – Full on PX sherry. The dried fruit the cloves the winter spices. Its Christmas and its sherry. Warm Rye bread

Palate – The sherry was obvious on the nose but less so in the mouth. Its sweet with candied peel, cloves bring warming spices and runny honey. The texture though is fairly watery.

Finish – The finish lingers on ginger and ginger loaf with twinges oranges and still very sweet.

Final Thoughts

yeh I like Rye its flavourful and grainy. This one has had a thump of PX sherry which is ok if you like that kind of thing. Not sure what the point of battering strong PX sherry barrels over this was. Any random whisky would have done really because its just such a potent device that quite a lot of the original spirit is lost.



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