Ok so yesterday was a tale of two halves. Expensive whisky but good whisky. Macduff is a distillery which doesn’t have the same cult following as the probable producer of yesterdays Islay so perhaps this while be more reasonable in price.

The Distillery


The Macduff distillery is not a great looking distillery as you can see above. It was built in 1960 and is in Banff in the Highland region of Scotland.

The distillery has 5 stills and the spirit is said to have a nutty character. The reason why most people will not have heard of the distillery is because this Bacardi owned distillery does not use its own name on its bottles of single malt whisky. The branding currently being used is Glen Deveron or The Deveron which is being pushed into even the supermarket shelves in the UK.


The Dram

The price this time is a sniff under 60 pounds so yes its more affordable. One of over 1000 bottles this is a large release of whisky at at very healthy 50.2%ABV. There is still bottles available so you can order now and get it just after Christmas as a little present to yourself.

Tasting Notes

Colour – standard whisky colour

Nose – Caramel and milk chocolate a very soft nose with a touch of peach and orange

Palate – A soft and pretty thick texture brings more soft caramel chocolate sweets and touches of grains.

Finish – A long a lasting finish which sits just above being too soft. A finely balanced whisky

Final Thoughts

Some whiskies are exciting and others are wild. Some whiskies are boring and some are just right. This is the just right kind of whisky which is soft but not boring and simple but not uninteresting. There is a place for this whisky and its in your collection.

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