wow things are getting out of hand here with the reviews. I am sitting down to write them up on the 22nd with over a week of reviews to do. Christmas is a time for family and joy and this family has been struggling with Chicken Pox, dance shows, babies, broken washing machines and more besides. Where do you find the time to relax with some writing in between all of that I ask? You don’t is the answer until everything else is over with at least.

To that end though we are talking about the unnamed Islay single malt. For me winter is all about real open fires and peat. Those are the stereotypical images I get at this time of year with Island life and quiet contemplation. Up to this point though in the calendar there has been a distinct lack of peated whisky. While this is a disappointment at least we are here now.

The Dram


This release is the 4th batch from the 3rd distillery on Islay which Boutique-y have bottled. This one is 48.6% ABV and is 120 pounds for 50cl or nearly 170 pounds for a real sized bottle. Which is a fair whack of money let me tell you? The noises are this is Laphroaig when I bought a 2000 era official 18 year old at auction last year for under 100 pounds this appears over priced. Perhaps the cask was bought for too much money and ROI has to be made but yeh not cool.

Tasting Notes

Colour – pale yellow

Nose – ashy and dry but also brine and sea breeze with seaweed and kippers.

Palate – thin texture but bags of lemons and seafish. More salt and stale ashy wonderful peat.

Finish – The finish continues the theme of lemon kipper seafood and walks on a beach in winter.

Final Thoughts

Lets talk about the whisky and if its any good. Damn right it is! This is a great elemental and visceral experience and totally right for the seasons. It is though still overpriced because at some point you have to say regardless of the price this is too many pennies.

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