Speyburn is another distillery which I haven’t tried. That is one of the reasons why I enjoy this little Christmas traditions. The other is well just the anticipation of a new untried sample each day. What will it be and how will it taste. Will I want a full bottle or will I feel its a bullet dodged.

The Distillery


Currently owned by Inverhouse alongside three other distilleries which I really enjoy Old Pulteney, AncNoc and Balblair. The Speyburn distillery is the only one without a visitor centre and has the lowest single malt profile. It is though a historic distillery dating back to 1897 having been designed by Charles Doig. The pagoda in the picture was invented by Mr Doig as well. This was not the only innovation at the distillery though with the malting at the site not being the traditional floor type but the first drum maltings in the Highlands being installed onsite. A system which lasted until 1968 when malted barley was then bought in from another supplier for cost reductions.

The Dram

Speyburn 10 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

This is one of the few releases still available on Master of Malt. The 50cl bottle will cost you £78 and I am not really sure why. I suspect the only reason is the lack of casks on the  open market making the purchase price quite high when they bottled it. Certainly Amazon is selling the official 10 year old for £24 just now amzn.to/2LQv8AF

Tasting Notes


Colour – Pale yellow

Nose – heavy notes of plum and slightly cheesy. Lots of dough and fresh baking. Reminds me a lot of Tobermory actually

Palate – Medium texture with light touches of fruit loaf and citric touches of lemon

Finish – nice long finish with a small amounts of pepper and wood spices and lemon juice.

Final Thoughts

Its alright and carried by the interesting and heavy underlying spirit. That price though? offt. Pass.

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