Its only Day 2 and I am already struggling to keep up with the posting schedule. I will try to do better in the future but a young family always keeps you on your toes.

The second door  reveals a whisky not out in the UK get from a Speyside distillery at close to cask strength. There was a recent twitter event which I wasn’t part of that included this whisky so check out other opinions over there as well.


The Dram

Speyside #3 8yo batch 1

So usual rules: natural colour and non-chillfiltered whisky in its third batch from Boutique-y Whisky brand with a bottling strength of 50.7% ABV which is all good stats. The  barrel is a refill bourbon barrel from a region which is more well known for sherry maturation. The label is apparently a clue of what the distillery is although I must admit I am not clued up enough to get it without googling so I won’t pretend I knew. With only 8 years in wood and that barrel being refill we can expect this to be a showcase of the spirit quality with not many hidding places for each rough spirit to hide.

Tasting Notes


Colour – lemon juice

Nose – stewed fruits and apple pie. Shortcrust pastry and a pinch of nutmeg. Overall a delicate sweet fruity nose

Palate – Much more of a punch on the palate with pepper and more of those winter stewed fruits. Complementing this is an over-proofed dough notes that takes me back to working in a pizza delivery shop. The barley notes come through in the underlying spirit giving that little grassy note.

Finish – lemon rind and cooking apples and pears. Short finish as well I would say

Final Thoughts

This isn’t currently available for me to buy and if I am honest I am not missing it too much. There is nothing bad or wrong with it but perhaps the Carn Mor have something very similar regularly at a cheaper price and a full size bottle to boot.

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