The Haynes manual is something of an institution in the UK at least. There was a time when whatever car you bought you also bought the associated Haynes manual to get you out of trouble. Or so I hear from history books.


That is part of the problem for Haynes I suppose. As cars have got more reliable and indeed more complex there is fewer problems to solve and the ones which do appear cannot be resolved at home with a simple toolkit. Certainly, manufacturers would very much like you to avoid any kind of work on your car. I have had Renaults in the past which genuinely said in the owners manual to take to a dealer to replace light bulbs in the headlight unit. All of this ramble boils down to the need to diversify so should your whisky breakdown now you can get a Haynes manual for that to!

Obviously, its not a breakdown manual but it is a concise and photograph filled whirlwind knowledge bank of the world of whisky. By that I really do mean worldwide as it includes not just Scotland but most of the major whisky producing regions. The book was published in 2015 so the photos are all up to date and the bottles mentioned are available to buy still which is good news all round.

I think this is a great book and is still in print being available in Amazon   for £23 which I think is an awful lot. I know it doesn’t keep Haynes in business but Amazon also have a number of second hand copies for around £5 which makes this an amazing stocking filler present for someone into our scene. Those second hand book sellers also need to make a crust this Christmas to you know!

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