One thousand and one whiskies is a lot for any stomach I am sure. This book though is a large paperback volume of classic, rare and interesting whiskies from around the world which you should certainly pick up if you spot.


Each bottle in the book get a column or a page to explain itself and why you should consider it. There is meta data information like the distillery, the region and the style of whisky. The usual information like alcohol strength is of course there as well including the obligatory tasting notes. A chore for the author Dominic Roskrow I am sure.

Dominic is an experienced writer and editor with Whisky Quarterly being the current publication he is editing. Previous engagements have included Whiskeria, W Club, True Spirit and founding a distilling association the CDA. All this while also having a portfolio of books published on the subject of whisky. All in all quite the writing and subject domain expert so the 1001 whiskies listed you can be assured are pretty decent choices from the ocean of products out there just now.

Copies are available from Amazon as well as other good bookshops and can be found from £10 for a used copy or £20 for a brand new one. The current version was updated in 2018 so has been recently updated as well.

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