This is where the interesting whiskies start from AD Rattray. This Cask Islay edition adds cask strength to the general release and a sherry maturation period to the entry level single malt.

Available as a small limited batch from October 2019 this is the first of two new Cask Islay editions to be released from the Maybole based company. The cask strength volume is 59.9% ABV and will amazingly cost only 65 pounds a bottle. That is ok nearly twice the price of the keenly priced general release at 46% ABV but I think it still represents excellent value.

Tasting Notes


Colour – Orange – red hue

Nose – Sherry influence is immediately noticable. Very much the fruity bright side of sherry than darker. Comparing to some islay based whiskies this dry smoke to subtle behind the dried fruit. some nutty notes as well

Palate – at nearly 60% alcohol this of course needs water. The nutty character is still there from the nose and of course there can’t be any notes without more mention of that peat. The posint of the sherry though is to add layers and dimensions to that peat. To soften the peat and sweeten it. In that aspect this whisky succeeds well.

Finish – The finish actually isn’t that long but ashen and peppered. The sherried influence which starts so forceful at the start has run out of steam by the finish. There is a fat raisin or two but not much else.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to like with this limited edition sherry Cask Islay. There is the price, the presentation and the fruity peaty flavour. There will be a few bottles out there but expect them to go quickly and available from specialist shops in just a few weeks.

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