After the previous review of the 18 Year Old from Glengoyne we are knocking it back slightly to the far younger 10 Year Old. Many people would have sequential ordering of their posts or even a post schedule but not here and not me.

The 10 year old is the one most closely aligned with the spirit as it is made of the stills. All the time and effort to make a fruity and clean spirit during production is showcased most in this example. When you get to the uber expensive 30 year old whiskies of which a new batch as been recently released. The experience is all about wood interaction and past contents of the wood. The subtle and gentle flavours and aroma’s of white spirit are pretty much completely lost.

The Dram

Widely available as the entry level Glengoyne in their age stated core range. Aged exclusively in ex-sherry casks using Oak from American and Spain and bottled at 40% ABV. Available for around £30-35 this is a good entry into Highland whisky or at least Glengoyne.

Tasting Notes


Colour – Straw Yellow

Nose – Very malty and yeasty with proofing dough. There is lots of citric which is pretty sharp on the nose even at 40%.

Palate – Lots of fruity notes of tart apples, some cereal notes of barley and an icing sugar note from the spirit as well. There is a touch of toffee but a very soft and milky mellow note

Finish – Short finish which brings to mind an apple pie fresh from the oven and cooling on the worktop.

Final Thoughts

The Glengoyne 10 is a simple and interesting whisky. Would I buy a bottle of this and share it around. Yes absolutely. Would I keep a bottle on standby for a minute when I just need to have another dram of the 10 year old? Probably not.

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