The coming weeks and months might see quite a few Glengoyne articles as they release their new Travel Retail release Legacy: Chapter 1. The whisky in question this time though is far easier to get hold of than a trip to the airside of an airport. The Glengoyne is one of the only whiskies in the core range to include some ex-bourbon in the recipe.

Ex-bourbon matured Glengoyne is actually quite a favourite of mine. While at the Number One Tour I had the choice of a 19 year old ex-bourbon or a 14 year old ex-sherry hogshead a couple of years back and the bourbon was by far the more interesting and engaging whisky. There is quite a few late teen cask strength independently bottled examples out there and I definitely recommend you seek them out.

The Dram

Composed of ex-bourbon barrels a touch older than 12 years and some sherry butts this is one of the entry level offerings from the distillery. Bottled at 43% this is whisky is natural colour as indeed is all the whiskies from the Highland distillery. Being an entry level whisky the price is decent at around £35 in the UK and is widely available. Like I have also already said this one is slightly unusual in containing the ex-bourbon but I think for me that adds to the appeal over the 10 year old.


Tasting Notes

Colour – yellow

Nose – A very fruity and rich fruit note considering the 43% strength it is not timpid.

Palate – Lots of coconut, honey and oranges and just a touch of vanilla extract.

Finish – The finish is delicate but drying and spicy with some more orange zest to give acidity.

Final Thoughts

I think it would be fair to say most Highland distilleries have a similar tasting whisky in their range somewhere. All at a similar price point and all with similar tasting notes. That is not to detract from what is an expertly executed whisky at a good price from a Scottish family run business. In that aspect at least that is an increasing rarity.

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