The Glenrothes single malt range has recently been re-branded after being re-bought by the owner of the distillery Edrington. The prices and flavour profile are all changed from the days of being owned by Barry Bros but this little miniature was still in my cupboard to open so now seemed a good time.

In my Christmas buying guides I mentioned this whisky has a good deal for under £40 and while it is still available you should definitely consider it. Made from blending 10 different vintages ranging from 1989 to 2007 this is a layered and complex whisky which includes all the usual hallmarks of an independent brand.  As well as this vintage blend this is another two options in the range: one sherry matured and one bourbon matured which are similarly priced and still available but probably not for much longer.

Tasting Notes


Colour – straw yellow

Nose – buttery and malty with some sweet light honey. There is a farm note of barley as well.

Palate – The palate is sweeter again and the texture is just lovely and thick. There is bursts of pepper and cloves to balance out the overt sweet aspects along with more malty notes. To counteract those younger youthful notes of spirit there is a definite sour note from wood sap and vanilla pods.

Finish – That sour sap note continues onto the medium length finish. There is more exotic fruits and boiled sweets again to.

Final Thoughts

Fantastic excellent whisky with layers and complexity throughout and all for a very reasonable £40. A well recommended whisky and while the range might be on the way out the bottlers are still going strong after hundred’s of years and thousands of bottles. If you can’t find this vintage reserve then try to get something from their portfolio because I am sure it will be equally as good value and quality.

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