Buying whisky for someone can be a challenge. What do they like? What do they already have and what are they hoping to get? To help a little here is a few ideas for under £30 in the UK which might make the process just a little easier.

The Single Malt Choice


There is a huge number of single malt options even in this price bracket. For a rich and fruity whisky which is unlikely to have been tried before consider the Glen Moray Port Finish. This whisky has notes of redcurrents, butterscotch, cinnamon and vanilla.

Available for under £28 it leaves a little money for a stocking filler from the poundshop

The Blend Choice


Another category with loads and loads of options. Blended whisky is about the only sector left which struggles to get too expensive thankfully because of its bad reputation in the last couple of decades. Chivas are trying to change that this Christmas I have noticed with their #BlendedIsBest campaign on social media but my pick is Dewar’s. I have tried a few Dewar’s and the one in this price bracket is the 12 year old.

A simple and quiet blend this features all the stereotypical flavour’s you would expect in whisky. A touch of sweetness, a flash of smoke and lots of maltiness which is the sign of a decent blend. Available for a touch under £30 this is a more premium offering in the crowded sector.

The Bourbon Choice


I might not be the best authority on bourbon’s but I have tried quite a few now. If you are looking for a gift for someone who want’s a bourbon then Four Roses Small Batch is my pick here. Full of Christmas spices, toast and honey notes it is packed full of flavour and available for around £25 leaving lots of room in the budget. I have already bought a bottle and reviewed it at Four Roses Small Batch

The Rest of the World Choice


Like I mentioned in my last review King Car Whisky – Conductor the rest of the world is making an ocean of whisky in their own right. Japanese whisky has had a supply and demand problem for a while which has made prices silly and unaffordable. However, Nikka Whisky from the Barrel is one of the last value options available. At around £30 for a 500ml bottle it is cask strength, loud and proud of it. Bursting with spices, fruit and a long long finish this was my bottle of the year a few years back.

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