If there is one thing you can say about the Jura line up is that ages go up in small increments. Now at 12 years old the spirit has been finished in Oloroso sherry butts for a decent amount of time.

The whisky is still bottled at 40% and been coloured and filtered. The price though has jumped to quite an incredible 45 pounds. This is getting to the bounds of acceptability at this point. However, if the whisky tastes really exceptionally good then it is worth the cost. I remain to see however…

Tasting Notes

Colour – whisky yellow

Nose – far more fruity and floral. There is liquorice and apricot jam. A small background of peat smoke a savoury slightly cheesy note to.

Palate – The palate is a spicy affair with cinnamon and ginger. Most over powering spice of them all is cloves. So so many cloves. It quite unbalances the taste really. What little sweetness there brings barley sugar and oranges.

Finish – Another short finish. Like so many of the Jura’s the nose, palate and finish line up on top of each other.

Final Thoughts

Of the three young whiskies from the new range the 12 is the best constructed. The problem is for a lot of the competitors this is there opening statement and not there 45 pound offering. If Jura wanted to go up market with there pricing and branding the whisky must follow. It is one thing to ask people to pay 14-18 pounds for bland and uninspiring whisky. At 45 pounds I doubt they will not get many repeat customers for this bottle at least.

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