Back in the review of the 10 Year Old I mentioned that the Grant family have been right on a few key decisions over the decades. One of which was to produce cask strength bottlings like this 105 release (105 being the proof measurement from olden times) which dates back to 1968.

The Dram


The 105 bottling is 60% ABV and will almost certainly be 100% ex-Olosoro sherry casks. I could be wrong but I think Glenfarclas has quite a narrow band of casks that they use. Like only Oloroso from what I can see from their website basically. Regardless, until last year this was available in the Tesco supermarket in the UK but has gone more exclusive and more expensive recently. The general price now is around £50.

Tasting Notes

Colour – copper

Nose – fresh orange juice with the bits still in so its quite sweet. I get a hint of salt in there as well though. However, even with time and some water the aromas are quite tight and constrained. There is some wood sap and spices though as you would expect from sherried whiskies as well as a chocolate brownie with nuts in it.

Palate – very very thick texture like treacle which it also tastes like but a little sweeter like a spoon of white sugar has been added. There is some caramel cake, bitter orange and marmalade before developing into a cafe latte and some cream.

Finish – The finish is quite clean and like all the previous Glenfarclas quite short. There is a touch of heat from chilli peppers and cracked black pepper. More of the nuts, sour cream and charred wood shavings adding some additional interest.

Final Thoughts

I really really like this from the texture which is chewy and hugely mouth coating to the layers of sherry and nuts. It is good value and more intense and interesting than the age stated whiskies I have tried already. With the 10 and 12 I can see a linear progression and with this 105 I can see the same progression from this to the excellent Glenfarclas 2009 (bottled 2016) (cask 1805) – Drinks by the Dram which are probably very similar in age although the DBTD I would wager is older than the label says.

The 105 provides excellent value for money but if you can buy both it and the single cask. You won’t be disappointed.

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