One of the more unusual and less widely know about is the Blackadder brand. This brand really focuses on being as raw and pure to what is in the cask as possible.

This particular bottling I know very little about can’t find out much information on the internet. So if you do know anything about it then please do comment below. However, what I can tell you is what is on the label (helpfully). Blackadder is based in Edinburgh Scotland and all there produce is natural colour,no chill-filteration and small batches so one or a few casks for each release.

The Dram


This highland single malt is a sherry cask finishing. The finishing I am guessing to be PX which is normally a pretty easy one to spot with it being so intense. If I am wrong of course I have set myself up for a massive amount of egg on my face but hey thats what happens! The bottling strength is 46% and I have already mentioned the craft presentation which is the branding style of the bottler. This bottle was a gift from my brother so I don’t know  how much it was but being small batch it will almost certainly only be available at auction. Although there is a regular outturn each quarter of similar quality whisky directly from source to pick up perhaps more locally.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Golden Yellow

Nose – The PX influence (if it is PX) is most noticeable on the nose. Lots of those sickly sweet and heavy rich grape notes. In time though the finish evaporates away to expose a more floral base spirit with notes of a summer greenhouse, vanilla, honey and freshly cut flowers.

Palate – The palate is back to that sherry influence of strongly brewed tea and then boiled lemon sweets. The citric element is there in orange and limes before the development comes back to heavily tannin and peppery oak.

Finish – The finish however is more restrained with fizzy sweet and throat lozenges with like throat lozenges linger on with a thick fruity after taste.

Final Thoughts

I like this whisky a lot its got lots going on. I do wonder though what the decision behind the sherry finishing was. It seems pretty clear to me this whisky has a decent age on it (which isn’t disclosed) and the underlying spirit seems well made and interesting. So why blunt it all with a very active and intense sherry cask? Seems slightly confused to me but I am open to be proven wrong guys.

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