I have been really enjoying a lot of different expressions from Deanston in the last 6 months or so. They seem to be releasing quality release after quality release in nice simply but modern packaging with decent pricing structures as well.

The Distillery

The Deanston distillery is one of the newer distillery having been founded in 1965 from an old mill. It is located just outside Stirling in Scotland.

With the River Teith running alongside the distillery as a power source from the original mill Deanston is the only distillery in Scotland to have its own hydro electric power station. This provides the power for the plant and the excess is added onto the National Grid as an additional revenue stream. Additionally, to support the running costs of the distillery most of the 3 million litres produced each year is sold on as white spirit to keep the accountancy department happy.

Not all the spirit sold off though some is left onsite for a long sleep in a very unique looking warehouse.


The Dram


The 20 year old Oloroso was full term matured in Oloroso sherry butts from which 8400 bottles were yielded for just over £100 each. Each one is natural colour and not chill-filtered at cask strength. This was originally only available at the distillery I think but now available only at auction. I also have a 20 year old Port cask which I got from the distillery last year for £90 which might still be available now.

Tasting Notes


Colour – polished mahogany wood

Nose – Very sweet nose with boiled fruit sweets with a slight bitter tannic note in the background. There are notes coming through from the oak wood giving a sweetness which you don’t expect quite from the Oloroso aged whiskies.

Palate – Lots of spicy peppery notes in a lovely thick luxurious texture. There are raisins and stewed fruit pies and fruitcake notes. It is a sherry bomb but it is much more nuanced than that label suggests. Gingerbread mixes with brewed tea and cinnamon sticks.

Finish – Long long finish with a lingering pepperiness with more of the long deep rich stewed fruit notes. The finish is most certainly dry and earthy but lovely stuff.

Final Thoughts

One of the stand out bottles for me this year so far. I love the interesting and different presentation of a Oloroso butt which being refill allows more of the actual oak wood notes to come through alongside spikes of rich sherry in the mouth. Well presented and keenly priced whisky from Deanston and I will be buying more bottles from their range soon.

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