Yesterday I found out that Fox Fitzgerald own the Rest and Be Thankful brand. Today, I am letting the 2 people who read this blog and don’t know the owners of Boutique-y Whisky Co that it is in fact owned by the Master of Malt website.

Branded towards the younger end of the whisky market each bottle has an age statement, an arty label and cask strength. Each bottle is 50cl rather than 70cl and comes complete with a wax seal which is in vogue just now. The smaller bottle sizes make it more affordable for people on a tight budget but also makes it easier to hide a higher  margin in the bottle as well if you ask me.

The Dram

Each 50cl bottle contained 18 year old whisky at 51.7% ABV without chill filtering and in a natural colour. There is no mention anywhere I can see about what casks were used but 921 bottles were yielded from whatever wood was used. Each one of which will cost £90. The equivalent 70cl price is £125 which is the same price as the cask strength official 19 year old Marsala finished whisky. At least that one comes which a presentation box. I haven’t tried that one myself but a review can be found at

Tasting Notes

Colour – Marmalade

Nose – very ledaig with a musty farm yard smell. There is burning rubber and bakelite. Ashy peat which is at the compost end of the spectrum.

Palate – The palate follows the nose with a meaty and robust texture. Touch of salt and generally chemically nature.

Finish – The finish is long with more compost, a hint of something sweet like toffee or caramel with a bitter edge at the very end.

Final Thoughts

The general Ledaig spirit profile isn’t really working for me just now. It is very rustic and robust but to you perhaps you see that as packed full of flavour and personality. Of course you are right I just don’t resonate with such a forceful imposing character as this Ledaig.

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