I like my peat whisky and I like to try new ones so this one sounds interesting. I have not heard of this before or the bottler Fox Fitzgerald so it has to be tried.

The Bottler

The Fox Fitzgerald company was founded in 2010 by Eamonn Jones and Aidan Smith which work as part brand consultants, part bottler and part whisky sourcer if that is a word.

I said in the opening blurb that I had not heard of them before which is true but I am aware of there work as they seem to be the company behind the “Rest and be Thankful” brand which appeared in the premium single cask sector quite recently.


The Dram

The Peat’s Beast single malt whisky has been around since 2011 and was the first product from the company. It is bottled at 46% ABV and is unchill filtered. It is available for around £40

There is no information on where the whisky in the bottle comes from or even if it is from a particular island or the mainland. It is all a bit of a mystery which is fine.

Tasting Notes

Colour – Lemon Juice

Nose – plums and yeasty bread. Very little in the way of peat. This is clearly pretty young but not very phenolic. Some little amount of ash and rubber.

Palate – The texture though is very good and viscose just like I expected. There is lemon juice and tart apples with more of that rubbery and faint peat smoke.

Finish – very short with only a touch of smoke. Very suble peat is not really a beast is it?

Final Thoughts

My guess is this is very young Ledaig or peated Tobermory would be the correct description I suppose. Regardless, this is under matured and poorly thought through whisky. In my previous review I mentioned travel retail exclusive whiskies being all mouth and no trousers. In fact, this independently bottled and branded whisky is exactly that and at £40 far too much money when there is far better official bottles on discount as supermarket loss leaders to be had.

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