The Connemara Peated was previously review by my brother. I got a sample of it recently so I thought it would be interesting to write my own review just to see how different two people can find the same whisky. The previous review is linked at Connemara Peated Single Malt Review

Tasting Notes

Colour – lemon juice

Nose – Very fruity with tart fruits like cooking apples and classically Irish. There is a dirtiness to it which is a faint peat smoke. It is quite sharp on the alcohol even at 40% though

Palate – There is only a touch of peat again but the peat is not ashy more fruity. The texture is watery which I always find a disappointment

Finish –Sour finish which is again classic irish whiskey. Very slight peat notes linger on a medium length finish.

Final Thoughts

For me I quite enjoyed this one. It is unusual with a background hint of peat rather than an  upfront peater. It is less like a modern whisky with peat on the label and more like a traditional whisky where peat was the fuel source for drying barley rather than a flavour addition.

This is a spirit led irish whiskey at a cheap price (~£35) so if those things are on your list I would recommend.


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