I have started to get into some bourbons lately and I have to say I am really enjoying the change of pace. While Scotch whisky and Bourbon may sound pretty similar you couldn’t be more wrong. There just seems to be so much more breadth of characters and flavour in Bourbon at the moment compared to Scotch. Although, it might just be the stuff which makes it all the way across the pond to us here in the UK are getting the good examples and fewer of the poorer ones. One for any US viewers to answer in the comments!

The Distillery

The name of the brand on the bottle comes from a battle at a place called Bower Hill during the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. Bower Hill is a Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey and is distilled and aged in Louisville Kentucky. My research brings up precious little about this distillery which is kind of strange. Perhaps I just need better sources for my american products

The Dram

The single barrel range is especially like a single cask bottling of Scotch. The bottle is an interesting almost perfume style with a large decanter style topper. Each bottle is 75cl and 47% ABV so it is not cask strength and in the UK it is pretty expensive at just under £90

Tasting Notes

Colour – Deep orange marmalade

Nose – Cloves and cumin seeds are the most intense and unusual combination. There is ground ginger and a touch of honey as well.

Palate – The palate follows the nose quite similarly with more curry type notes of coriander and then some creme brulee.

Finish – More ginger on the quite long and drying finish. There is quite a bit of herbs on the finish as well.

Final Thoughts

This is the most weird style of bourbon I have tried so far. There is a lot of similarities with a curry which I found pretty odd. If nothing else it isn’t boring.

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