I have said more than once on this blog that I am sceptical about the quality of the casks used in the Provenance series. I always think that they are cheap for a reason and was bitten by a more than a little rough Auchentoshan. Perhaps things will be different this time with a very well known distillery and a rather youthful age statement, or perhaps not.

The Dram

Talisker is not a dram you find often on the independent scene. Diageo require all the output from the distillery to feed the global demand for the product so are very protective of there casks. Somehow, Douglas Laing has managed to have a cask to bottle after only seven years which again is an unusual age but perhaps when it is ready, it is ready.

The whisky was distilled in November 2009 and bottled in November 2016 with 421 bottles released at 46% ABV and as ever in a natural presentation. The cask was a refill hogshead so I am immediately a little worried is might be too spirit led for my tastes.

Tasting Notes

Colour – White wine

Nose – Oily and smoky. Very earthy with some iodine. Fruit notes come from figs and plums but it certainly very spirit driven.

Palate – Fairly thick mouth feel which is a plus point and a signature Talisker spirit peatiness but its slightly hollow mid-palate.

Finish – The finish is pretty short with some bitter spicy peppers, cookie dough and bread dough notes to complete things.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Talisker fan then this might be of interest to you. This is about as raw and intense as you will probably have ever tried the Skye based distillery spirit. For the rest of us I am not sure there is much here to enjoy.

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