Scotland Grindlay is a independent bottler which I had not heard much about before. That would make sense since it is one of a raft of new small boutique operations which have sprung up in recent years. Scotland Grindlay was started in 2015 by George Scotland Grindlay and is run by the family with a wealth of experience in the whisky business. Or so says there website of which there is very few details sadly. There website can be found at if you are interested though.

The Dram

This Benrinnes dram was matured for 20 years in what I think was a ex-bourbon cask from 1997 and bottled in 2017. All bottles from this supplier are naturally presented at cask strength (56.4% this time) with natural colour and no chill-filtration. Bottles are still available from the cask at just under £100.

Tasting Notes

Colour – barley yellow

Nose – a little charred wood starts us off but behind it there honey and the fruit salad chewy sweets I remember from childhood. Some hints of cookie dough ice-cream from a well known supplier as well.

Palate – There is quite a few fruits on the palate with lemon juice and spiced apple and pears but the backbone is cinnamon and cloves from the oak.

Finish – More cloves on the long finish with a touch of mango and passionfruits as well.

Final Thoughts

I quite enjoyed this Benrinnes dram but I am not sure I would pay the asking price. This isn’t my first single cask from the distillery, I have previously reviewed a Claxton’s release. I wasn’t totally wow’d by that one either so its either the quality of the casks out there on the market or the distillery spirit character but something just doesn’t totally come together for me.

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