Tipperary is a new distillery which I spoke about in a previous review as the owner also has an independent bottler brand. The Tipperary distillery is not producing any whisky products yet but the rules on whisky labelling are far less strict than in Scotland so they can brand this product as Tipperary even though the contents is from someone else in Ireland.

The Dram

The single cask was bottled after 8 years which also involved a period in a finishing red wine cask before bottling with a natural colour at 59.5% ABV. The run looks to be exclusively sold via the Master of Malt website which I might be wrong about but I couldn’t find any other bottles online at least. The asking price is £70 a bottle and there was still stock at the time of writing.

Tasting Notes

Colour – A beautiful mahogany red hue

Nose – The red hue from the wine cask gives a lot of fruit notes. There is sweet strawberries and raspberries a plenty. The heavy cask influence means there is little from the underlying spirit though.

Palate – The palate neatly follows the palate with more red summer fruits. The texture is thick and creamy though which is nice and the spirit gives a barley  note with some vanilla as well.

Finish – Finishing brings back the red wine cask and some milk chocolate notes.

Final Thoughts

I had never heard of the Tipperary distillery before and this was a nice introduction to the distillery via the kind of cask I like. If you don’t get on with red wine finishes though the producer have a little portfolio of products which might be better suited to you. Definitely check them out though if you find there products because the quality is definitely there.

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