Bourbon is not something I have reviewed here before and that is mostly because I haven’t drank any Bourbon until very recently. Its also not something I know very much about so a little research had to be done before I could write anything down for the internet.

The Distillery

Blanton’s is a brand owned by Sazarac using bourbon made in the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky. The name Blanton’s like so many other Bourbon brands is named after an individual. In this case Albert Blanton or “Colonel Blanton” which was an honorary title he held.

Blanton worked in the distillery for 55 years from the age of 16 and the Blanton’s range of Bourbons has been around since 1984. This brand represents the premium end of the Buffalo Trace portfolio which is all single barrel or small batch releases done at cask strength or high strength.

The Dram

Blanton’s is not easy to get hold of in the UK and that means bottles are at a premium. Master of Malt are currently selling a different barrel to this one (which is sold out) for £85

The bottle is a lovely decanter type design with a gold horse design stopper which adds to the premium feel of the whisky. This single barrel release is natural colour and non chill-filtered as well which only adds to the appeal for me.

Tasting Notes

Colour – A red mahogany hue

Nose – lycee berries and cherry bakewell tarts to start and then crystallized ginger.

Palate – Medium weight spirit which requires water to get the most out of it. The texture is waxy and full of black pepper spice and tannic oak.

Finish – The tannic oak lingers on the finish a long time with hints of buttercream and vanilla ice-cream.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this a lot and I am hoping to try more bourbons in the future. A little change of pace after having so much predominately Scotch whisky makes Bourbon very interesting to me just now. I like the intensity of this cask strength version which is rich and waxy compared to a more creamy and relaxed Four Roses Small batch for example.



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