I must confess I do like Tamdhu and actually Ian MacLeod distillers generally. I like the attention to quality and heritage in their releases. The only whisky product from their portfolio which hasn’t clicked with me is the Six Isles Blended Malt Whisky but you can’t win them all.

This limited edition is a whisky which I knew about before the tasting and had considered a purchase. Having not bought it basically because of the price it was a very welcome surprise to find this in the package. Having said that, the twitter tasting announcement was timed around the time Tamdhu released there 50 Year Old expression so was it really too much to hope for……yeh too much of a stretch. Still, classy bottle:


If you are wanting one of those 100 bottles and have the resources Master of Malt have a bottle for sale here at £16,000. I slightly scared myself when I read the original press release though when my reaction to the price was:

hmm, yeh. Really that isn’t a crazy price these days.

Anyway, back to the point of this post.

The Dram


Released to celebrate the reopening of the distillery in 2013 after the purchase by Ian MacLeod from Edrington Group, this Tamdhu is a 10 year old whisky containing only first fill sherry casks. That means that the only previous contents of the barrels has been sherry. They have never been used in the production of whisky previously. This means the whisky gets the full benefit of the sherry flavours and colours from the barrel like you can see in the picture above and in my glass picture below.

This 10 year old gets a boost in ABV over the standard 10 to 46%ABV. The good news stops there though because the price is also boosted to a cool £120 only from the official Tamdhu online store here.

Tasting Notes


Colour – varnished hardwood tabletop. It is gorgeous.

Nose – The nose is dark and rich from the off. Tobacco leafs and leather armchairs initially but there is a sharp sweetness coming from the background. This is the kind of nose first fill sherry gives you.

Palate – A heavy mouthfeel with a chewy texture. Oak spiciness and cinnamon sticks are there around dried fruits and glazed cherries.

Finish – You will be tasting fruit cake long after the glass is finished here. It lingers and lingers. The finish develops a vanilla creamy sweetness for the first time from the dried fruits and cherry tartness from the palate. In time it will develop a more acidic quality that is almost like a sweet spring onion type quality.

Final Thoughts

There is no getting away from it. This is quality whisky, the liquid holds up its end of the bargain here for sure. There is layers and depth to this whisky which I would enjoy sitting quietly and enjoying.

An age stated sherry bomb made purely from first fill sherry is a fairly rare thing these days so I think there is a market and justification for the price tag. I don’t think I will be able to justify it anytime soon though.


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