This is my first quarterly roundup post on what I enjoyed in the last three months and what I did not like as much. I am not sure if these will work but I will give it a few shots this year and see  how it works out.

Top 3 Whiskies

Claxton’s Ardmore 8 Year Old for A Dram A Day


This charity bottling was a lovely and interesting young peated whisky. Those ex-islay casks have really added an extra dimension to the experience. Bottles are still available from Gauntleys at

Laphroaig 15 year old (200th Anniversary Edition)


Not an easy one to get hold of anymore unfortunately and certainly not for RRP. I enjoy the subtle and unusual profile of this one. Must get a bottle to stash away soon.

Auchentoshan – Distillery Cask#133


A really beautifully rich sweet Auchentoshan at cask strength. Eleven years in a PX cask has made this whisky sweet and rich enough to almost be classed as food not a drink.

The Disappointments

Tullibardine 225 Sauternes Cask Finish


With so much good whisky on the market and some of it heavily discounted in the supermarkets this one is not up to standard. It is too young, too chemically tasting and too expensive at £40.

Bowmore Small Batch


Bowmore should be much better than this. This has too much water in it and a thin weak texture. I want to enjoy Bowmore but I am not sure it is possible with the official offerings just now.


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