At last the final full size review of the tweet tasting from the Boutique-y Whisky Company held in March 2017. My thanks go to the Boutique-y Whisky Company for providing the samples and being involved in the event. Additionally, my thanks to the team at the Whisky Wire for their organisation of this event and all the others that they do throughput the year. This final one is a real head turner and my favourite from the night.

The DramIMG_2191

Like a constant refrain this whisky is not coloured or filtered by the bottling company. This is a natural and vibrant product bottled at 48.9% ABV after aging for at least 18 years. The bottles are only available in 50cl as with all Boutique-y whisky company bottles. This one comes in at £93.95 which is a lot less than an official bottle at the same age which also come only in 50cl bottles but bottled at a watery 43%. If you are interested in purchasing a bottle then look here.

Tasting Notes


Colour – white wine

Nose – Big and fruity up fruit especially peaches and lemons. The aromas is wrapped around a salinity. A different saltiness though from ham or smoking.

Palate – The meat flavours continue on the taste with smoky bacon crisps. Lots of vanilla ice-cream and dried coconut flakes from this big whisky

Finish – The finish runs on and on with burnt wood and cinnamon spices lingering.

Final Thoughts

This whisky is a event and a complex one at that. This is the kind of whisky that I enjoy that I know will provide something different each time I pour a glass. Single malt whisky is not a cheap commodity and value for money is important. One measure of value is price by measure but another measure can be enjoyment per pour. This whisky has that in spades.


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