A sample of whisky from my brother over Christmas means another sample based review before the end of the year.


The Distillery

Longrow is the heavily peated double distilled whisky produced at the Springbank distillery in Campbeltown. The address of the distillery is 85 Longrow (get it) Campbeltown.

Two other types of whisky are produced at this distillery including the Springbank which is 2.5 times distilled and lightly peated and the Hazleburn which is unpeated and triple distilled.

The distillery was founded in 1828 by the Mitchell family. The same family which own it, the Cadenhead independent bottling company and the Glengyle distillery which bottles whisky under the name Kilkerran.

The current chairman is the 5th generation to run the distillery and under him Springbank is now the only distillery in Scotland who perform the entire  process of whisky production for 100% of all their production on site. Kilchoman on Islay have the ability to do all stages onsite including growing their own barley but not the capacity to meet their needs. Their 100% Islay expression is the only bottling which was done entirely onsite.

The brand ethos at Springbank is to produce in relatively small batches high quality whisky at a relatively affordable price. Certainly, compared to other larger volume producers a Springbank will probably be cheaper. This approach is great for Springbank because their bottles sell very quickly and their brand reputation achieves an enviable position in the market. The downside for the consumer is finding a bottle is hard and getting a new release is tricky without having to go to auction houses. The way to get a bottle of whisky that drops into the market is two-fold. a) be ready with funds to purchase b) have a good relationship with a bricks and mortar local retailer who will keep you up to date on bottles coming in you might like based on previous shopping trips. Some will hold bottles back for their best customers. Be that person!

The Dram

The Longrow Peated is the entry level dram in the Longrow range. It is bottled at 46% ABV and is uncoloured and is not chill-filtered. As with all expressions getting hold of one is not always easy but it is well priced at £36.10 here.


Tasting Notes

Nose – salty sea air, sweet confectionery maybe sherbety

Palate – not really peaty yet, apples and pears though

Finish – now the peat. oh a bit peat blast which is ashy and charred

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one. The smell out the glass is one I have been enjoying a lot recently. That interesting mix of salt and sweet. Like smoky cinema popcorn almost. I will be buying more Springbank produce in the future and going by the quality here I will be enjoying them all.

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