Day 3 of the Scotch Whisky Calendar already and today brings the first blended malt whisky. To start this review I will do a quick start guide to the differences between single malt, blend and blended malt.

  • Single Malt – Bottle contains casks which were all produced at the same distillery. Please note that unless the bottle also says “single cask” the types and ages of those casks will be different regardless of any age statement (probably)
  • Blend – Bottle contains casks from a number of different distilleries at least one of which is a grain distillery
  • Blended Malt – Bottle contains a number of casks from a number of distilleries but all the casks contain malt whisky. In essence then these expressions are really no different that a single malt whisky other than there is no one single producer involved. Blended malts then can really offer a well priced and original experience for when you want to try something different.

The Brand

The Old Perth brand is owned by Morrison and Mackay.Based in Perth Scotland, they are a family owned bottler which includes the premium “Carn Mor” single cask brand. The Old Perth brand started in the early 1900’s by the Thomson family who were a grocers in the city of Perth. The brand disappeared in 1970 until being brought back to life in 2013 by Morrison and Mackay. The company website describes this product line as a “celebration of Perth’s illustrious past in the whisky industry”

The Dram


The Old Perth Peaty is a 43% ABV release and unfortunately I have no other information to give on it. It is available for around 27.95 at here

Tasting Notes

Colour – Diluted lemon juice

Nose – Briny vibrant sharp peat

Palate – more of the sharpness with a sweetness coming through. Lemon acidity once you hold it in the mouth

Finish – very short falling away with a smoky faintness

Final Thoughts

This is a solid whisky. There is nothing bad here are at all. It is a perfect whisky to have when you want something peaty but don’t want to invest time and concentration on the whisky but the company. A social peater if you will. It reminds me of another whisky I finished a few months back which I bought purely on the marketing story (i am sorry).

The Six Isles blend as the name suggests is a marriage of whisky from all 6 whisky producing islands. It is also 43% abv and around the same price at 28.67 here. The flavour profile is very similar to the Old Perth but I found the six isles more unbalanced with the peated and unpeated casks fighting for attention rather than co-operating.

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