Jura 10 – Origin

Jura recently released a statement that there entire core range was being discontinued. To many it was followed by a disappointing announcement that it was being replaced with other age stated products. Since the old stuff will be going cheap (even more than usual) soon to make way for new stock I thought it was […]

Tobermory 10 Year Old

The Isle of Mull isn’t far from Islay and is home to the Tobermory distillery in the town of Tobermory. Currently under going 2 years of upgrades and not producing any alcohol at the moment this relatively hard to find whisky is a secret characterful whisky for those in the know. The Distillery The distillery […]


There are some whisky brands that just aren’t for you. No, not in some arrogant macho “Sorry little girl whisky is for boys kind of way” which is wrong on so many levels. What I mean is more that the explicit marketing of a brand doesn’t resonate with you and the everyone is ok with […]