Why I don’t score whiskies

With fifty articles on the blog now I wanted to explain why I made the conscious decision to not end each review with a score. Rather, I end each review with a paragraph or two which relatively concisely rounds up my thoughts. The first thing to get out the way is what is a score? […]

Auchentoshan – Distillery Cask#133

After the long previous post on my distillery visit from last year I felt an urge to break out the little bottle I bought on the day. This cute little bottle is the distillery cask. A distillery cask is the single cask release only available from the visitor centre. A lot of visitor centre’s have […]

Tamdhu 12 Year Old – M&S Exclusive

After the Christmas advent calendar last year one of the surprise samples I enjoyed was the Tamdhu 10 year old. In my review I mention how I particular liked this dark and earthy sherry character. The review can be found here. The Dram This 12  year old version is only available at Marks and Spencer […]

Tullamore D.E.W.

The first Irish whisky for the blog is also one of the most widely available. The No Age statement version of Tullamore D.E.W The Distillery The distillery was opened in 1829 in the town of Tullamore by Michael Molloy. On his death his nephew Bernard Daly inherited the site and put Daniel E Williams in […]

The ONE Blended Whisky

This review is on a rather interesting conceptualised blended whisky. This blend from the Lakes Distillery in Cumbria contains whisky from all over the British Isles. It has been developed to bring in initial cash into the distillery while they wait their stocks maturing and to grow brand awareness for what they are up to […]

Johnnie Walker Double Black

This is the second article in our Johnnie Walker series a review of the Double Black expression. A “Distiller’s Edition” of the Black label bottle if you like. The History The Johnnie Walker name starts in Kilmarnock which is a town in Ayrshire on the west of Scotland. A 14 year old boy called John […]