Laphroaig Select Review and Defense

The Laphroaig Select is the entry level core bottle in the range. The bottle I see time and time again being slated and criticised by the core fans who say they couldn’t live without the 10 year old or the Quarter Cask. Are these loyal customers missing out or are wisely avoiding disappointment? The Distillery […]

What is it like to buy a bottle at auction?

One of the best places to get bottles of whisky from outside the United Kingdom or Europe is the online auction sites. If you struggle to get well priced and interesting bottles of whisky then an online site selling thousands of bottles each month is a great place to find something out of the ordinary. […]

Are NAS whiskies days numbered?

Non Age Statement whiskies or NAS because who not like an acronym are whisky bottles which do not state an age on the label. In 2017 these shy whiskies have a pretty bad reputation with both casual and regular whisky consumers. If that really is the case and whisky producers make cold decisions based on […]