Longrow Peated

A sample of whisky from my brother over Christmas means another sample based review before the end of the year. The Distillery Longrow is the heavily peated double distilled whisky produced at the Springbank distillery in Campbeltown. The address of the distillery is 85 Longrow (get it) Campbeltown. Two other types of whisky are produced […]

The Half-Century Blend

Day 24 Christmas Eve and the last day of the calendar. After this post I can concentrate on tidying up the place rather than adding new articles every day. Maybe. The Brand For more information on the Blended Whisky Company then see yesterdays review here. The Dram The half-century blend as the name suggests is […]

Tamdhu 10 Year Old

Back to single malts today as we close in on Christmas. The well sherried Tamdhu 10 year old The Distillery Tamdhu distillery is a classic Speyside distillery which in the last few years has been given a bit of a marketing makeover. It is now owned by Ian Macleod who also own Glengoyne who have […]

Glenalmond Everyday

So three brands in three days from the people at The Vintage Malt Whisky Company then. Least its not a peated Islay this time or a single malt. The Brand No information really exists about this brand. This is a blended malt which means, as we already know from previous posts, that all the components […]

Finlaggan Sherry Cask

Back to the independent bottlers today with the Finlaggan series of Islay single malts. The Brand The Finlaggan brand is owned by the Vintage Malt Whisky Company of Milngarvie. The company has a number of different brands covering scotch whisky. The Finlaggan brand though is named after the historic ruined castle on Islay called Finlaggan […]